I Run Because...

"I wish I could do that" was a comment I received from one of my posts on Facebook recently. I had posted a picture of myself wearing a tank top after one of my runs. It's winter but that day it was beautiful and warm; yet my picture was deceiving. It gave the notion that I had a good run, when in reality it was a tough run.

Sometimes when people see or hear of me running, they think that it's easy for me. That every time I lace up my shoes for a run that I am always excited to do it. I don't know why they think this but they do. Maybe it's because I've ran a half marathon. Maybe it's the clothes or shoes. Whatever it is, it isn't always the truth.

Do I enjoy running? Of course. Do I get excited about running? Sure I do. But, is it always easy? No; sometimes it's very difficult. I don't always "feel" like running. Sometimes it's a challenge to even put on my shoes. Sometimes I stop during my runs, yet I finish. Sometimes I don't want to run, but I do. And here's why.

I run because I know the end result from pressing on. The feeling of accomplishing something I set out to do, despite the difficulties, is very fulfilling. Being able to say "I did it".

I run because it's become part of who I am.

I run because It clears my mind. It calms my emotions. It's great therapy.

I run to stay healthy and in shape. It became a part of my journey to losing weight. I don't want to lose what I've gained.

I run because it encourages and inspires others.


I don't run because it's easy; sometimes it's very hard.

I don't run because it's always fun; it's not.

I don't run for recognition or medals.

I do run because I can.

God has blessed me with the ability to do so; I run.

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