In the book of James, we are told that we have not because we ask not. As I go about my days, listening to others talk about troubles and such, I wonder if they've even taken the time to pray about it. There was a time in my life when the Lord showed this to be true with me.

It was winter, on a weekend my kids had gone to be with their dad. During that time, I would sleep on the couch because our house was heated by wood and I didn't want to build a fire just for me so I would curl up on the couch and sleep by an electric heater.

With the cold temperatures, I had been having trouble with pipes freezing making it difficult to do household chores; especially doing laundry. Whenever I would attempt to use the washing machine, water would shoot up out of our bathroom sink. I had gone a few days without doing laundry so it was beginning to pile up pretty badly. I gathered up some clothes and filled the washing machine. It started up fine so I assumed it was all good. After I got it going, I went back to the couch to rest. After a bit, I began to hear the water shooting up from the sink. I took off running to the washing machine and hit stop. I thought to myself, are you serious? I need clean clothes! I went back to the bathroom to clean up the mess. After it was all clean, I went back out to the front room where the couch was and began asking God why this was happening. I asked him why he hadn't cleared the pipes because he knows I need to do laundry. I cried out, "Lord, I'm tired. I don't know how much more I can take. Why haven't you fixed this for me?" And then as I fell silent, I heard that still small voice say to me, "Brandy, you've not asked me to clear your pipes. You haven't prayed about this at all." I was stunned. Here I was complaining to God about something I hadn't even prayed about! "Lord", I prayed, "please forgive my foolishness and have mercy on me tonight. I really need to wash clothes and there is something wrong with my pipes. I am sorry I didn't go to you first. I have been so overwhelmed."

After a bit, I felt like the Lord was moving me to turn on my washing machine again. I have to be honest, I wasn't very confident in the fact that water wouldn't shoot up out of my sink again. I went ahead back to the washing machine and said something to the effect of, "Ok, Lord, it's now in your hands." Immediately after I turned it on, I went to the bathroom sink and stood there waiting for water to shoot out. Again, I heard that still small voice, " Why are you waiting for water to come out? Do you not trust me?" I put my head down and responded, "Yes, Lord, I trust you" and walked slowly back out to the couch where I was sleeping for the night. I laid down and soon fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning, I got up, trying to have faith, and went back to the bathroom to see if anything had happened. I found nothing! No water had shot out of the sink! I then went to the washing machine to check there and all my clothes had been washed, as far as I could tell, with no issues. I was humbled beyond words. My Lord had met my need even in my doubt.

Sometimes we have things pop up so quickly in our lives that we don't even stop to give them to God. We immediately go into worrying and complaining before we even think to pray. Is there something that you're worried about today? Have you even talked with God about it? I encourage you to give it to Him and then trust Him with it. Don't do like I did and walk back to the sink to wait for the water to shoot out. Once you give it to Him, get out of the way so He can take care of it.

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