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Satan's Best Disguise

Distraction. Have you ever walked into a room only to forget what you were doing? My sister, that is the story of my life! There are days where it's virtually impossible to stay focused! Can I get an Amen? Earlier this morning, during my run, the Lord gave me an idea for a devotional. When I returned home, I began to google possible titles; I wanted to be sure the idea I had wasn't already taken. As I searched, a website popped up with some really cute clothes. Satan knows my weaknesses for sure! I love to shop for new clothes; especially when they have graphics on them about Jesus! So of course I clicked on the site. Would you believe they were having a sale? Again, Satan knows my weaknesse

The Cup

"I would just throw it away" my daughter said to me after I discovered Theo, my grandson, had put his sippy cup into one of his play buckets. He hadn't been to our house for a couple of days, so that cup had been sitting there long enough to create it's very own science project. You can imagine what was inside. Yes, it was milk; chocolate milk to be exact. Oh the site and smell of milk after it's had time to separate and spoil. Just one of the many joys of parenting. Or in this case, grand parenting. Theo loves his chocolate milk. We have this little routine, when I am making it for him, where he patiently waits as I put in the powder and stir it up. I then take the spoon, with a little milk